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My Motivation


Michael Kienzle was working in sales of consultation-intense products and services for 10 years after training as a technician. He was responsible for developing a training system besides being a sales manager for a medium sized company. He founded his company Kienzle Training in 2000. The basis of his very practically orientated seminars are his experience in sales and distribution, his studies in business economics and his extensive training as a sales and behavioral coach.



  • Machine engineering technician and studies in business economics
  • Qualified training as a sales and behavioral coach
  • Many years of sales- and management responsibilities
  • Responsibility for further qualification and training of sales and distribution personnel as manager of the human resources training department



  • Talks and presentations on sales / motivation / leadership
  • Sales technique and sales psychology for in-house sales, field sales and technical service
  • Motivation
  • Conception and implementaion
  • Sales and distribution-oriented training measures
  • Individual coaching of sales personnel
  • Train the trainers
  • Rhetoric
  • Telephone coaching
  • Presentation technique
  • Personal working strategies
  • Development of sales and distribution strategies
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Experience Guarantees Quality!

Excerpt form a talk by Michael Kienzle in 2003
Topic: Leading sales personel successfully!



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