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About Us

Michael Kienzle worked for a medium-sized automotive subcontractor in the areas of work-flow preparation and quality management after his training as a technician.

Moreover he very successfully worked for over 10 years in sales of consultation-intense products and services beside his studies in business economics.

When working as a sales manager he realized that his co-workers had little benefit from the conducted seminars. The then hired coaches did not manage to make the connection between sales theory and the practical implementation in the field. They failed to provide the appropriate tools for the sales personnel. On the basis of this experience he decided to conduct the seminars himself. In order to reach a high didactical level he completed comprehensive courses for sales and behavioral coaching.


The success of his seminar participants prompted him to establish his own company, Kienzle Training in the year 2000. Since then he has been conducting seminars, talks and presentations with the motto:


Let’s get things moving!


A close partnership with the company Detroy Consultants has been established in 2002.